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Is Your Furnace Not Running Efficiently?

Does your furnace seem to not be working as efficiently as last year? Don’t be alarmed just yet, it may not be a broken thermostat or heater, there are other problems that can cause your heater to work less efficiently. To ensure that you are getting the most of our your furnace, here are three efficiency tips:1. Furnace Maintenance Check-
Though regularly overlooked, regular maintain will help you get the most bang for your buck. Even if you have a warranty on your parts, many HVAC manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance. By having a maintenance check by a certified HVAC technician, you are making sure that all of the parts are properly cleaned, that all moving parts are working properly, and that airflow from your furnace is as efficient as possible. It is recommended to have a furnace tune up at least once a year because an HVAC technician can detect up to 90 percent of heating issues before they occur.
2. Proper Insulation-
Having proper insulation will keep your house warm while saving you on energy bills. Insulation is there to keep the temperature outside from coming in, and the heat or cool air inside from escaping. Insulation is measured in R-values depending on density, but insulations density does deteriorate over time. Having a properly insulated home allows you to keep an ideal temperature without having your unit running constantly.
3. Clean Furnace Filters-
When your dirty and clogged, it limits the air that is able to get into your home. It is important to change your furnace filter once a month, or at least once every 6-8 weeks, but you can buy a washable filter, which tend to be more expensive, but also more efficient.
To schedule a furnace maintenance check, or take care of your other HVAC needs, call MTB, gladly serving the Charlotte area for over 30 years.

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