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Insulating Your Wall Sockets Will Keep You Warm And Save You Money

It is just plain cold. In fact large portions of the country are facing record breaking temperatures. Trying to stay warm in weather like this can be tough. If you live in an older home, cracks and drafty windows can allow a lot of cold air inside. We are all fairly aware of this problem, but what you may not know is that cold air can be entering your home from around your wall sockets. It’s true. place your hand in front of your wall sockets and see if you feel cold air. If so, this is robbing you of heat and raising your utility bill.Fortunately, this is an easy fix. It simply requires you insualting around the socket. Easy instructions on how to do this are detailed in this video. Check your wall sockets and insulate around any that seem to be leaking cold air. Once you have done this, you will notice a difference in your comfort and hopefully a dent in your power bill.

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