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Help for Winter’s Dry Skin

Winter air can be a nightmare for skin making it dry, itchy and irritated. Not only is the outside air cold and dry, we are also forced to spend more time indoors where the air is drier because we have our heating systems blasting. But there are ways to fight the misery of dry skin! Don’t scratch your way through the season, follow these steps to keep your skin soft and moisturized all winter long.* Exfoliate Less- Though it is tempting to scrub away flaky, dead skin cells, don’t do it. Skin is more sensitive in winter and over exfoliating will make it worse.
* Take Showers Instead of Baths- A lukewarm shower once a day is better for keeping moisture in your skin. A hot shower or a long bath can zap out all moisture leaving you dry and itchy.
* Don’t Use Soap In The Winter- Soaps, especially antibacterial, dry out your skin and can be especially harsh in the winter. Try using “non-soap” cleansers.
* Turn Down Your Heat- Hot air causes dry, flaky skin. Turning down your heat will save your skin and your wallet.
* Select Mosturizers Best Suited To Dry Skin- Oitments and creams tend to be more effective than lotions. Look for moisturizers that contain lactic aciid and urea which help eliminate dryness. Products with Hyluronic Acid can help skin hold water.
*Protect Your Hands- Wear gloves when you are outside and remember to apply hand cream after each washing. For added relief, apply a dab of petroleum jelly on hands before bed.
* Apply Lip Balm- This will prevent and heal cracked lips.
* Have MTB Heating and Air install a Whole Home Humidifier on your HVAC system. This will keep your home moist and comfortable as well as protect your skin, hardwood floors, art, paintings and musical instruments from the drying effects of heated air.

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