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Heat Pumps vs Gas Furnaces

If you are thinking about upgrading your heating and air system, you may be trying to decide upon replacing your existing system with a heat pump or a gas furnace. There are several considerations to weigh when making this decision. First, is your home able to support gas appliances? In order to use a gas furnace, you must have a main gas line. So, if you are not currently using gas, you will need to make sure that you home is set up to support it. If not, you will have to have gas run to your home. This can be expensive, so you will want to do some research and cost evaluation.Gas furnaces are typically used in colder climates. They keep a home really warm and are efficient in areas where temperatures can drop low. If you live in warmer climates, you may benefit from a heat pump. Many people in our area rely on both. Heat pumps can reverse their cycle which means they can cool your home as well as heating it, thus eliminating the need for a separate air conditioning system. Keep in mind, that in areas where the temperature gets very cold, the cost saving benefits of a heat pump will not be as significant.
If you elect to use a gas furnace, you will then need a separate air conditioning system. In the winter, with gas, you can expect your home to stay very warm and with proper maintenance your system should be energy efficient. Of course in summer, you will need to rely on your air conditioning system which will run on electricity.
In making your decision about choosing a gas furnace or heat pump, consider your options. Think about your geographic location and the winter temperatures over the past few years. Also, consider the utiity costs in your area. Finally talk with a reputable heating and air company. They can advise you on what system makes the most sense for you and your home to provide comfort all year long.

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