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Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze This Winter.

Last year, Charlotte has a huge snowy chill! As the holidays are around the corner, our weather is going to drop extremely. With winter weather comes fun things like snowball fights and sledding, but there can also be some damage done to your home, like frozen pipes, but don’t fear, we at MTB Mechanical have five tips to protect your pipes this winter.Make sure to cover exposed pipes in towels.
Insulate exposed pipes with pipe insulation.
Keep forced air heater set to at least 55 degrees
Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to let heat in
Let your faucet lightly drip through the night
Neglecting your pipes in freezing weather is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. We at MTB Mechanical value our customers and their homes. Just remember, Heating and Air is as Easy as MTB.

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