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Don’t Let Indoor Air Make You Sick This Winter

Everyone spends a lot more time indoors in the winter than the rest of the year which means increased exposure to poor indoor air quality. It is a well known fact that the air inside our homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Having said that, winter means we are typically exposed to two to five times more pollution than other times during the year. This is due to such factors as keeping our homes as sealed up as possible, burning fires in our fireplaces, our pets spending more time inside and yucky cold and flu germs, so prevalent this time of year, being brought inside most often by school-age children.Even if you keep your home as immaculate as possible, the air inside is teeming with tons of airborne particulants. These pollutants get into you airways and respiratory making you feel sick. If you are someone who suffers from allergies or asthma, indoor air pollution can be an even more serious issue. So what kinds of pollutants are floating around in your home?
*Pet dander
*Dust mites
*Mold spores
*VOC’s from household cleaners, paints, carpet fumes…
*Bacteria, germs and viruses and more
The good news is you don’t have to accept living in an environment with poor indoor air quality. Today there are a number of high quality and effective products for cleaning up indoor air and creating a healthy and comfortable home. MTB Heating and Air offers several options that are most effective. I have listed them below and outline each briefly.
UV Light- This light works inside your HVAC system to kill mold, viruses, bacteria, dust mites etc. This is the same technology that hospitals use to cut down on the transmission of infections.
Air Knight Purifier- This is a revolutionary product. This purifier creates air scrubbing molecules. When your HVAC system is on these molecules sterilize every square inch of air and all of your indoor surfaces. So effective lab results indicate it will destroy 98% of the particles of a sneeze before they can travel 3 feet.
Healthy Climate Air Cleanser- This media cabinet air filter removes up to 85% of the particulate contaminants inside your home.
Don’t settle for poor indoor air. Call MTB to learn more about these products as well as visiting our website to check out more detailed information and special offers on these whole home comfort products.

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