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Don’t forget about MTB’s special Holiday Deals!

Do you need some last minute presents? MTB Heating and Air has some great gift deals that keep on giving. We are offering the Air Knight Purifier and the Honeywell Lyric Wifi thermostat at great special offers.The Air Knight Purifier, now $717 instead of $797, allows you to sterilize every inch of your home. The Air Knight works with your HVAC system by using UV light in combination with a quad metallic catalyst to create a chemical reaction that creates vaporized hydro-peroxides. These air-scrubbing molecules are distributed the moment the moment the fan of your HVAC system is turned on, sterilizing every inch of air and all the indoor surfaces. These molecules destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, odors, Voc’s, and smoke; the air knight kills 98% of germs from a sneeze before they can travel 3 feet. Also, the Air Knight charges your air with positive and negative ions which encourage contaminants to gather together so they can be captured more easily in you air filter, therefore enhancing your HVAC systems filtration.
The Honeywell Lyric Wifi Thermostat is usually $639, but is being offered for $569. The Lyric makes it so you never have to heat or cool and empty home ever again. The Lyric uses geofencing technology with your smart phone to know when you are approaching your home to make sure it is comfortable when you get home. The Lyric also offers fine tune which factors in indoor temperature, indoor humidity, and weather to maximize the comfort in your home. There is also a feature called Smart Cues that sends alerts to let you know when you air filter needs to be changed, and can even find you a trusted professional for you. Lastly, The Lyric has a shortcut feature that lets you schedule events like when you are going to bed so your home is always the perfect temperature.
Don’t miss out on these great special offer from MTB! Call MTB Heating and Air to learn more about these great products!

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