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Caulking Your Windows Can Save Your Pockets

Improving your house’s energy efficiency is important to every homeowner. One very critical and easy way to improve your home’s is making sure to seal air leaks; a good way to keep warm air in and cool air out is to caulk your windows. You can easily check for air leaks within your windows indoors by setting a lit candle around your window’s seams, if the flame bends, there is a leak. You can also check visually outside to see if time and harsh weather has caused cracks in the caulk.To apply caulk, it is important to apply a caulk softener two hours before removing the old caulk, and then pull the old caulk off with a putty knife. Removing the old caulk makes it easier for the new caulk to adhere well. Polyurethane is a caulk that typically works well, but there are tons of types to choose from.
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