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What are the Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Heating and Air systems are complex and expensive pieces of equipment and just like your automobile, they require regular maintenance in order to keep them in good working condition. The very best way to keep your system running at peak efficiency, save money on your utility bills and ensure your comfort is through sheduled service. For this reason most Heating and Air companies offer a routine maintenance plan. At MTB Heating and Air, we offer an Energy Savings Agreement. This agreement provides two HVAC tune-ups a year. One on the Heat Cycle and the other on the Cooling Cycle. This ensures that your system is always up to the job at hand when it is most needed.During your scheduled maintenance, the service technician has the opportunity to find any small problem that may have occured with your sytem and to fix it before it becomes a large and expensive repair. During the heat cycle, your service technician will be checking for any carbon monoxide leaks. This is an especially important function as carbon monoxideexposure is very dangerous. Below are some other tasks a technician will perform during routine maintenance.
* Clean the condenser and coils
* Lubricate all moving parts
* Check the start and run capacitiators
* Inspect the evaporator drain
* Monitor the refrigerant levels
* Clean or replace air filters
* Tighten electrical connections
* Check and adjust the burners
* Check the thermostat settings and controls
Clean, tight and well lubricated parts will help your system run efficiently. This means less energy consumption and lower utility bills. In fact, the money you save will pay for the HVAC service plus extend the life of your system and delay a system replacement, plus you will be paying a lower cost than if you purchased these services seprarately. Using neglected equipment can make it very difficult for your system to keep up with the demand placed on it . This often means compromizing your comfort.
Finally, a maintnenance agreement ensures priority service. Should your system breakdown, you won’t have to wait out the heat or cold for a repair, you will be at the top of the list for service. You wouldn’t neglect your car. Remember your heating and air system and it will reward you with many years of good service. To learn more about MTB Heating and Air’s Energy Savings Agreement give us a call today. Start Cold weather off with the assurance that your system is ready for the job at hand.

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