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Troubleshooting Problems With Your Heating System

There’s no doubt Fall’s chill is in the air. Particularly at night and in the early morning. Have you turned on your heating system yet? If so, you may have encountered some problems. Below are some of the more common problems we get calls from customers regarding and the troubleshooting tips a homeowner can use to detrmine what is the cause of the problem and how to fix it on your own.If you have turned on your system and have no heat, that can be frustrating; especially if it is really chilly. Check out the list below to see if you are having any of the following problems.
1) It is possible your gas is turned off? Check the shutoff valves that are located at your furnace.
2) Is your unit unplugged? Check both your thermostat and your heating unit to ensure that they are plugged in.
3) Is your thermostat set correctly? Look at your thermostat to make sure that your system is on and set to heat.
4) Have you possibly tripped a breaker? Go to your circuit breaker and check to see if any other breakers have been tripped. If so, reset them and see if this will turn your heating system on.
If there is very little or no air coming out of your vents, check out the following.
1) It is possible your air filters may be so dirty it is leading to greatly reduced airflow. If your filters are dirty replace them.
2) Could your system be frozen because you have a very dirty coil? Is there water standing below your unit? Try turning your thermostat off for a few hours to see if your system will defrost.
We hope these troubleshooting tips will be helpful and perhaps save you a service call. If however, you are experiencing problems and these suggestions don’t fix the problem, don’t hesitate to give MTB Heating and Air a call. One of our experienced technicians will find your problem and have your system up and running in no time.

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