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Sneezing? It Could Be Dust Mites

Many people suffer from Fall Allergies. The itchy eyes, sneezing,stuffed-up noses and even itchy skin are some of the miseries allergy sufferers have to deal with. Typically tree pollen, grasses and mold come to mind when we think about allergy triggers, but dust mitescan wreak havoc on allergy sufferers, as well, and they can be found all over our homes. In fact, dust mites are one of the most common household allergens.You’ve probably heard of dust mites all of your life, but what you may not know is, these little beasts are related to spiders and ticks. If you were to put a dust mite under a microscope, you would see that it has eight legs. Typically we think of dust mites setting up home in our matresses, but any environnment that is warm, moist and contains dead skin particles is prime real estate for a dust mite. For this reason, you will find them setting up house in your pillows, sofas, and chairs, as well as, your bed. In fact a typical bed can house 10 million bugs. Fortunately, dust mites don’t bite, The misery they inflict is caused by proteins that are found in their fecal matter. Many people are sensitive to this protein, which is why we immediately notice it, when we are in a dusty place. For some people, the allergic repsonse triggered by these proteins can cause serious problems.
So, now the question is…how do you get rid of dust mites? Well the answer is pretty much the same as it is for getting rid of any unwanted guest or one that has over-stayed their welcome. You must make their accomodations uncomfortable enough that they want to leave. This means cutting down on moisture inside your home and getting rid of as much of their desired habitat as you possibly can. Below are some steps for taking your home back from dust mites.
* Try to keep you household moisture down. A dehumidifier works wonders for this.
* Hard wood and tile flooring is a very unwelcoming environment for dust mites. Think about replacing your carpeting with these other options to reduce dust mite populations.
* Cover your mattress and pillow cases with “mite proof” covers and change your bedding often.
* Your HVAC air filter captures dust mites. Making sure you change your air filter regularly will help reduce dust mites.
* To eliminate dust mites within your HVAC duct work, consider a UV light. This technology will destroy dust mites within your duct work, so they can’t be recirculated in your air.
* Consider installing an Air Knight Air Purifier. This system works with your HVAC system to sterilize the air inside your home. In addition, it produces both positive and negative ions, which encourage dust particles to clump together for much better filtration.
Visit MTB’s web site to learn more about the UV Light and the Air Knight Purifier and to check out our current specials. MTB Heating and Air is always happy to discuss our whole home comfort products and to answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call today. Heating and Air…it’s as easy as MTB.

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