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Programmable Thermostats are all about Comfort and Savings

A programmable thermostat’s job is to keep your home’s temperature constant so you and your family are comfortable, but a programmable thermost is also an efficient money saving device. When the sun comes up, your home begins to heat up until it reaches a certain level during the day. At night, once the sun has set, heat will begin to escape. When your home is on a heating and cooling schedule dictated by a programmable thermostat, you determine how to set the temperature based on when you are home and away.For example, you don’t want to turn your air conditioner off in the morning when you leave and then have to blast it to cool your home off when you get back from work. When temperature is regulated it is better for your wallet, your pets that are inside your home and during the winte, your water pipes.
During the summer, if you are away, it is a good idea to set your temperature at 82 degrees . This is a reasonable inside temperature while your home is empty and it will be easy and cost efficient to bring the temperature back down to your comfort level when you get home. In winter, 65 degrees is a good temperature to set your themostat at while you are at work or away. Again, this is a money saving temperature and one that will allow you to warm up your home efficiently when you return from work.
A programmable thermostat not only saves on energy costs, it also saves wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. When your system is running at a full blast, you are putting undue stress on the equipment. A programmable thermostat will lengthen the life of your system. With the invention of wireless programmable thermostats, efficiency and comfort even gets better. Remote access allows you complete access to your thermostat from any location.
MTB Heating and Air has several top quality wireless programmable thermostats. Call today to learn more about which programmable thermostat is best for your needs. Install today to start saving now and all winter long.

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