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Know If Your Heat Exchanger Is Cracked.

Operating a boiler of furnace with a cracked heat exchanger can be extremely dangerous. Though maintenance from a qualified HVAC contractor will catch cracks and other problems every six months to a year, problems can develop between those times. Here are four signs that your heat exchanger may be cracked:A clean and blue flame. A yellow or orange flame can be a sign of dirty fuel, which could mean cracking. The flame on a boil or furnace is supposed to burn constantly; a flickering or dancing flame can be a sign of a crack in the heat exchanger.
Rusty components and surfaces. Rusting and cracking can occur when metal is exposed to oxygen and water. This can occur to both the outside and inside of your unit. If you see rusting, call a trusted HVAC contractor to see if your unit can be fixed or needs to be replaced.
Soot/sediment build up. Major damage can be cause by foreign material in your boiler or furnace because they prevent proper combustion of fuel. The build up can create significant crack.
Abnormal carbon monoxide levels. One of the most common culprits of excess carbon monoxide is having a crack in the heat exchanger. It is extremely important to have properly placed carbon monoxide detectors in all necessary areas, and if the detector ever goes off, it is imperative to call your local fire department.
If you think you may have a cracked heat exchanger, or if you have any other questions about your HVAC system, call MTB Mechanical. Remember, Heating and Air is As Easy as MTB.

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