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It’s Time to Give your Fireplace a Check up!

The cold temperatures have us seeking warmth and nothing is much warmer and cozier than snuggling up to a fire. It’s important to remember though, that all heating systems require regular maintenance to function safely and efficiently and your firepalce is no different from the rest.To make sure you have a safe operating fireplace, have your chimney cleaned by a professional. Chimney sweeps use a high-powered vacuum so no dust or soot enters the house. They clean the entire chimney, check the flue and also look in the attic for any areas that need repair. In adddition to having a chimney sweep inspection, there are some safety measures you should take regarding the use of your fireplace.
* Never use green wood, it produces more smoke than heat and causes deposits to build up inside the chimney.
* Synthetic logs are pretty easy to use, be sure to always follow the directions on the package,
* Open the fireplace flue before starting a fire to allow fresh air for the fire to breathe and for the smoke to go up the chimney.
* Do not discard anything into the fire which could cause toxic fumes. Paper can immediately cause a hot fire with flying particles.
* Have a metal container for removing hot ashes. Embers and ashes can immediately cause a hot fireeeee with flying particle.
* Place the metal container of ashes some distance from the house so they don’t ignite and set something ablaze.

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