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It’s Furnace Check Up-Time

A couple of chilly nights and cool mornings are a reminder that cold weather is on its way. That means now is the time to get your heating system’s check up. It is always important to take care of this before you turn the system on the first time of the heating season. Right now MTB, is offering our Heating System check- up for only $89. An annual inspection is necessary for the folowing reasons: it ensures that your system is functioning properly, that there are no dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and finally a tune up will have your system functioning at peak efficiency. This will save you money on your monthly utility bill and protect the life of your equipment.An $89 Safety Check-Up from MTB Heating and Air includes the following:
* Inspect Heat Exchanger
* Check for Carbon Monoxide leaks
* Tests Safeties
* Check Air FIlters
* Lubricate Motors
* Check Thermostats
* Check Components, Volts and Amps
* Check Overall; System Operation
* Safety Check
This $89 Check-up from MTB Heating and Air will have your system ready to keep your family comfortable and safe this winter. ANd we are so sure if it this check-up carries a money back guarantee. If your system breaks down this winter, we’ll refund your $89. Make sure your system is ready for winter, but more importantly, make sure your family is safe with furnace tune-up. Call MTB today tio schedule your heat check up.

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