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Are You Damaging Your HVAC System?

Your Heating and Air system is an important piece of equipment. After all, it has the large task of keeping you and your family comfortable all year long, regardless of the outside temperature. Because your HVAC system is complex, like your automobile, it needs to be maintained and operated in a particular way to perform at its best and to last as long as possible. We are all aware that there are certain no no’s where your car is concerned like: don’t drive your car with out enough oil in it. have your oil changed regularly, make sure your brake pads are in good condition. Well, your HVAC system is much the same in this way.In order to get the best performance and the longest life out of your HVAC system you need to maintain it. There are also some basic operation guidelines that you need to follow as well. Below are several important tips that will prevent you from damaging your HVAC system and help to keep it running well into the future.
Don’t Neglect Filter Changes- The pupose of an air filter is not only to keep your indoor air clean for your family’s health. It is also necessary to keep your HVAC system clean. When you don’t change your filter regularly, it allows dust, dirt, pollen and other particulant matter to build up in your heating and air system. It also causes the motor to have to work harder. Both of these issues will shorten your system’s life.
Setting Your Thermostat Too Low or High- When you set your thermostat too low or high you increase the strain on your system. This causes the components to wear out quicker than they normnally would. The ideal temoerature range is between 68-72 degrees. Try to stay within this framework. If you are having to turn your thermostat way up or way low to stay comfortable, there is a problem with your system that need to be addressed. Don’t put off this maintenance. Waiting will only cause more problems and lead to more expensive repairs.
Don’t Close Too Many Vents- Many people like to close off the vents in rooms that aren’t being used to save money on their utility bills. This is understandable and actually is effective if you don’t go overboard. Experts agree that you should never close off more than 20%-30% of the vents in your home at one time. They also recommend only closing the vents partially in unused rooms. When you close a vent all the way it creates a pressure differential that will actually suck cold or hot air from outside into your home. Closing off too many vents can also cause heated or cooled air to be forced through tiny small cracks in your ductwork. Both scenarios mean your HVAC system will have to work harder.
Use these tips to keep your system happy. In addition remember, nothing is a substitute for regular maintenance. You should have a tune up every cooling cyale and one every heating cycle. Call MTB today to schedule your furnace’s tune up today. If you go to the MTB website and click on our free filter reminder, we will take care of remembering when it’s time to change your air filter for you. Heating and Air…it’s as easy as MTB.

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