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Wonder What Kind of Pollutants are in Your Indoor Air?

You are probably aware that the air inside your home is polluted. In fact, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Wonder just what kind of pollutants are actually floating around your indoor air? Well, the three common types of indoor pollutants are listed below.Particles- dust, pollen, gritty matter and pet dander make up the particulant matter in your inside air.
Microorganisms and bioaerosols- dust mites, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and fungi
Chemical vapors and odors- VOC’s (volatile organinc compounds), odors, smoke, perfumes from cleaning products, solvents in uphoslstery and carpeting and finally cooking odors.
The only way to effectively combat indoor air pollution is with a fitration system that will treat your entire home. Fortunately, MTB Heating and Air has several effective whole home products for eliminating the contaminants from the air inside your home. I will describe each of these products in detail below.
Whole Home Filtration System – Our Healthy Climate Air Cleaner is installed into your exhisting duct work and works with your heating and air system to deliver fresh air to every room. This Media Cabinet with a MERV 10 Filter will reduce up to 85% of the particulate contaminants in your home. Great for allergy sufferers, this system can also capture bacteria and viruses. The Healthy Climate Air Cleaner also removes most household odors and vapors.
UV Germicidal Light- Using UV Light technology, like that used in hospitals, this disinfection system will destroy 99% of mold spores and 87% of the airborne bacteria and viruses within your heating and air systen. This system will improve overall air quality and reduce odors.
The Air Knight – This system is revolutionary. It combines UV technology and a quad metallic catalyst which in turn produces hydro-peroxides (air scrubbing molecules) Whenever the fan of your HVAC system is on, these vaporized hydrogen peroxide molecules are distributed throughout every square inch of the air inside your home, sterilizing it and all of the indoor surfaces within your home, as well. This system is so effective lab results show it can destroy 98% of the particles from a sneeze before they can travel three feet. These molecules also destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, odors, VOC’s and smoke. In addition, the air is charged with both positive and negative ions that make minute particles in the air gather together for excellent filtration of particulant contaminants.
Particularly in new construction, where homes are built air tight for energy savings, it is very important to have an air filtration system installed. Give MTB Heating and Air a call today to learn more about these options and which product best suits your needs and visit our website to see a helpful video about the Air Knight.

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