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Why Late Summer is a Great Time to Replace Your Old AC.

Having air conditioning issues lately? If so, it may be a wise time to replace your old unit with a newer model. Replacing your air conditioning this late in the summer may seem counterintuitive, but older systems have a higher chance of breaking down, and it is usually more expensive to replace an AC unit in the spring than it is now. There are many benefits to having a new system such as:Fewer Repairs
A new AC unit will likely need fewer repairs than an older one. By simply replacing or repairing parts of an older system, you may end up spending more money than by buying a new air conditioner.
Reduced Risk of Sudden Breakdowns
An older air conditioner is much more likely to break down than a newer one. By investing in a new system, you have the peace of mind knowing that with proper care and maintenance, you should have a system running properly with few repairs for years to come.
Energy Efficiency
An older air conditioner is likely to have worn down parts that make the system have to work harder. This means that your system is using more energy to perform. Getting a new unit means avoiding this problem. Look for a unit that is a part of the Energy Star Program.
To replace your AC unit, be sure to call MTB Mechanical. Proudly serving the greater Charlotte area for over 30 years.

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