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Three Advantages of a Whole-House Humidifier

Southerners are frequently guilty of complaining about humidity, but it isn’t always a bad thing. Though a “dry heat” feels more comfortable, a lack of humidity can cause many health and comfort problems. You can buy small, portable room humidifiers to take care of individual rooms, but to control the humidity in your whole house year round, it is important to get a whole-house humidifier installed by a professional.Advantages of installing a whole-house humidifier:
Increased comfort: A humidifier can give you the perfect amount of moisture in the air year round. High humidity makes you feel warmer because the moisture in the air slows down your body’s ability to release heat, whereas low humidity does the opposite, it draws water out of your system, therefore drawing heat out, making your body feel cooler.
Health issues: Low humidity cause many health issues such as dried out skin, which causes itching and flaking, and can also lead to eye-irritation, nose bleeds, sore throat, and also makes transmission of illnesses easier because a number of viruses thrive in arid atmospheres.
Your home and furnishings: Low humidity causes wood to split and crack. This can cause major damage to your floors, furniture, and also any wooden instruments you may have. Dry air can also cause wallpaper and paint to chip and peel away.
To get a whole whole-house humidifier installed today, call MTB Heating and Air. Proudly serving the greater Charlotte area for over thirty years. Remember, heating and air is as easy as MTB.

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