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Smart Questions to Ask When You are Buying a New A/C!

Heating and Air systems are expensive peices of equipment and purchacing the correct unit for your needs is paramount in ensuring you stay comfortable, get the most out of your investment and keep your utility costs under control. For this reason, it is important that you deal with an experienced, reputable Heating and Air company. Professional installers will evaluate your needs, keep you informed at each stage of the project and finally make sure your system is installed correctly and up and running properly. When talking with HVAC companies for your project, there are some important questions you should ask.1. What size or capcity system do I need? The size system you need is determined by a calculation called the Manual J. Load Calculation. A professional will use this calculation to accurately assess your needs.
2. Can my current ductwork be used and/or do repairs need to be made to it?
3. Is the company I am talking to bonded and insured? Will they provide me an estimate in writing and include all of the terms and conditions you have discussed?
4. Are there new technologies that I should know about and upgrades I should consider like: digital/ remote operated thermostats? What about air fitration systems?
5. How efficient is my new system? What is the SEER rating? Will my utility costs go down?
6. What different brands does your company offer?
7. What if any tax credits or rebates are available when purchacing a new system?
8. Will the HVAC company handle all the neccessary permits with the local authorities?
9. What are the payment terms?
10. What kind of guarantees are made on the installation? What guarantee is made on the unit? Is a service contract included or available?
11. What is the timetable for the installation from beginning to end? Will the old unit be hauled away?
A profeesional, reputable company will expect you to ask these questions and will be happy to answer them. You can also ask for references from other homeowners who have then install hvac systems. Remember, if you buy a high quality, efficient system and have it installed by a company that is professional, you can expect years of comfort and also keep your utility costs in check. Just be informed and ask the right questions. It pays to ask!

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