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Quiet Snoring With The Air Knight

I have blogged about allergies and the benefits of whole home air purifying systems for reducing allergy symptoms and improving indoor air quality. One of the air purifiers I have talked about in particular, is the Air Knight. The Air Knight is revolutionary technology that combines a UV light with a quad metallic catalyst. This pairing creates a chemical reaction that produces hydro-peroxide molecules. When your Heating and Air system is running, these air scrubbing molecules are continually distributed through-out your entire home, cleaning the air and purifying all of your indoor surfaces. Recently I had spoken with a friend who told me how much her husband had been suffering with allergies. He was taking two different types of allergy medicine during the day and at night it was even worse. He was trying to sleep in an almost upright position to try to quell his constant cough. When he was able to sleep, his snoring was so loud that my friend was having to sleep in the guest room. I mentioned the Air Knight purifier to her and after researching it, they decided to have one installed.
Over the weekend, she called to thank me for telling them about the Air Knight. She said that the first day it was installed you could notice a difference in the freshness of the air. She said the first night her husband did not have to get up and netti pot so that he could breathe. Within a week, he was sleeping at night and not snoring. The Air Knight will remove 99% of the mold in your home as well as destroying bacteria, viruses and odors. My friend said that she didn’t even realize how moldy her home had smelled until the Air Knight cleaned up the air.
I wanted to share this story with readers because I wanted you to hear just what a difference this purifier can make in your indoor air quality. If you or someone in your family is an allergy sufferer, the Air Knight is something you should investigate. If you are interested in learning more about this product or any other whole home comfort products, give MTB Heating and Air a call today.

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