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Keep Your Air Conditioner Healthy

A central air conditioning system has become an essential element for escaping the outdoor heat and humidity. We rely heavily on a/c to help us through the hot summer and this puts a lot of wear and tear on our systems. There are some things you can do to help get the most life and best cooling out of your a/c. Follow the simple tips below and enjoy the rest of your summer cool and comfortable.* Outside, remove overgrown shrubbery, flowers, weeds, grass and tree branches from within three feet of the air conditioning unit. Units require plenty of air flow for optimal functioning.
* Keep the air vents open. Once every six months take off the vent coverings and clean them. Use a vacuum extension hose to remove dust and debris from the opening.
* Check the air filter on a monthly basis. Replace it when it looks dirty. At minimum, replace the filter every three months.
* Pour a 10% bleach solution down the condensate drain once per month. This prevents obstructions (mold, mildew) in the drain.
* Keep boxes and other items away from the indoor unit.
* Use a water hose with spraying attachment to hose off the metal grille and fans of the outdoor unit.
* Determine the best thermostat setting for your comfort and pocketbook. A programmable thermostat will shave money off your power bill. MTB Heating and Air offers several wireless programmable thermostats.

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