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Humidity Affects Your Air Conditioner

We all know humidity can take a toll on our hair and makes it hard to keep our bodies cool. What you may not know is, that humidity also affects your air conditioner. Air conditioners don’t just keep you cool by blowing cool air into your home. In fact, they actually remove heat from the indoors and release it outdoors. Your system’s evaporator coil works to reduce the humidity levels indoors. The evaporator coil pulls in moisture and it forms underneath the coil as condensation. This water then drops into a condensate pan and is eventually drained.If there is too much humidity in your home, your A/C may have to work too hard and not be able to handle the workload. This can cause your system to overheat and even break down. The other issue that can occur when there is too much humidity is that the accumulated condensation can overflow into the air handler instead of draining.
A good way to avoid to avoid these problems is with a whole home dehumidifier. This works with your air handler to remove moisture from the air. You will feel cooler in a dry house and your home will be less stuffy. Also a whole home dehumidifier will help in reducing allergens, mold and bacteria growth which will improve your indoor air quality. Call MTB today to learn more about a whole home dehumidifier. Heating and Air is as easy as MTB.

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