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Got Allergies? Your A/C may be the problem!

Are you sniffing and sneezing? If so, join the club. Lots of folks are going through the same thing. Your air conditioning system is built to filter out the pollutants in the air and aid you in breathing clean, allergen free air. But if you allow your a/c’s filters to become overloaded or old they are unable to filter the air the way they should. This can lead to allergy misery for you. There are a number of different things you can do to ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently and filtering the air inside your home the way it was designed to do.* Purchase a humidity gauge. Each room in your home should maintain a humidity level of around 40%. Anything that gets above 50% encourages the growth of mold and invites dust mites.
* Don’t skimp on using the a/c. Air conditioning helps to dehumidify the air. Plus, insects and bugs dislike airflow in ther hiding spaces. Running your a/c can actually help keep away mites and cockroaches.
* Have your a/c maintained and cleaned to make sure mold doesn’t build up in your unit.
* Change your a/c filters on a regular basis to allow for the best filtration possible.
* Consider investing in a whole home air filtration system to clean up inside air.
MTB Heating and Air has some high quality and effective products for cleaning up inside air as well as killing germs, bacteria and sterilizing all of your indoor surfaces. Call us today to learn more about these great products and how they can help you breathe easier.

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