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Get your ductwork tested!

An efficient cooling system is pertinent in the scorching Carolina summers, but a key component that often overlooked is effective ductworks, which can help maximize energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings.Duct testing can help you solve many issues including:
Comfort Issues. If your cooling system can’t properly circulate air because of poor ductwork design, some areas of your home will stay too warm while others will stay cold.
Poor system performance. Noninsulated ductwork that’s leaks can cause a major loss of cooling equipment output. To make up for these losses, the equipment has to work harder and use more energy, making your utility bills higher and increases the risk of breakdowns and failures.
Ineffective humidity control. Airflow cannot flow freely through improperly installed ductwork. This can lead to the home having excess moisture. Homes with high humidity have a higher chance of mold issues, and degraded indoor air quality.
It is important to get your ductwork tested if you are having any of the above issues. GiveMTB mechanical a call today to make sure your cooling system is operating properly.

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