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A Weekend With The Air Knight

This Labor Day weekend, I went to visit my sister and her husband. They live in Virginia in a home that was built in the late 1700’s. It is beautiful and a huge amount of work. There are many issues that you have to deal with when you live in an old home. In the case of my sister’s home, one of those, was a lack of adequate ventillation under the house, so in hot and humid weather, you could really detect a musty, moldy odor in particular rooms. She also seemed to have a constant issue with dust because of the age of the house and the fact that it is always settling.Of course since I blog about whole home air purifiers, I was quick to advise her that she needed one. I told her about the effectiveness of the Air Knight, and she called around until she found an HVAC company that could install one for her. I think she had her doubts that the Air Knight would do everything I told her it would do. But seeing or smelling is believing…so to speak. Within days, the musty odor was gone as were all of the other household odors. At first she noticed alot more dust, because the Air Knight causes dust particles to collect together for better filtration. Within 2 weeks, however, her home had begun to be virtually dust free; she had called me thrilled with the results.
This weekend, I had the opportunity to see the change the Air Knight had made in her home, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Not only was the air odor free, it had taken on that sterile light feeling that you feel with a state of the art air purification system. Of course another great feature with the Air Knight is its ability to destroy bacteria and viruses. Having a school age child at home, my sister is anxious to see how effective the Air Knight will be in cutting down on the spread of colds and flu this fall and winter.
MTB Heating and Air can install the Air Knight easily into your existing HVAC system. There is simply no better system on the market for sterilizing the air and surfaces inside your home. Give MTB a call today to learn more about this incredible product and be prepared to be amazed.

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