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A Neti Pot May Be the Solution for Your Seasonal Allergies.

Are your sniffles getting you down? Are you tired of spending your whole fall taking allergy medicine? If so, you should consider the completely natural option, the neti pot. Neti pots are a small vessel with a spout that you fill with 4 ounces of warm water and salt. To use the neti pot, you simply insert the spout into one nostril, let the liquid flow through the nasal passages, and then out the other nostril. The salt solution loosens mucus to relieve congestion and clears out allergens, such as pollen and pet dander. Studies show that neti pots work better than most saline nasal sprays. The beauty of the neti pot is in it’s simplicity. You are flushing out the allergens before they create a problem. For the best allergy relief, use a neti pot twice a day, morning and night, and clean it properly and regularly.A neti pot is great for allergy relief, but an even more effective way to breathe easier this fall is a whole house air filtration system. The Air Knight Filtration system removes 99% of mold, bacteria and viruses within your household; making your house an allergy free zone. To get the Air Knight installed in your home. Call MTB Heating and Air today. Remember, heating and air is as easy as MTB.

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