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3 Common A/C Compressor Issues

By now, our air conditioners have been running hard for a couple of months and you may be experiencing some compressor problems. First, let me explain what your compressor does. As refrigerant cycles through your a/c system, it is constantly changing from a gas to a liquid, absorbing heat from your home and releasing that heat to the outdoors.Before the refrigerant reaches the compressor,it is a low pressure gas. Your compressor squeezes the gas molecules compressing them into a high pressure gas. This allows the refrigerant to move into the condensor where it will change into a liquid and give off heat in the process.
If your compressor fails completely, the refrigeration cycle can’t function . Because the compressor is such a major component within the a/c system, a malfunctioning system often points to a compressor problem. Below are three common problems that occur with a compressor and what to look and listen for.
1) Unit is not cooling- If warm air is blowing from your indoor air handler, this can be a sign of a broken compressor due to worn parts or a faulty motor,
2) Hard starting- “Hard starting” means your outside unit is starting and stopping frequently and is turning off before the refrigeration cycle is complete. This is often a sign that the motor that runs your compressor is not working properly or there is something wrong with the wiring.
3) Loud noises-If your are hearing loud noises coming from your outdoor unit, it may be debris or bent fan blades. However, the motor that runs your compressor is also often a source of loud noises… like a grinding sound. A grinding noise often indicates a need for lubrication or a loose bearing.
If you are experiencing any of the above problems or any others, give MTB Heating and Aira call. We will find the problem and have your system up and running for you promptly. Heating and Air, it’s as easy as MTB.

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