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Your Air Conditioning May Need Replacing

Are you tired of living with a dysfunctional air conditioning unit? Are you dreading the already scorching Carolina summer getting even hotter? It may be time to get a new air conditioning unit. Here are five issues that usually mean that it is time to get a replacement instead of a repair.Hot/Cold Spots- There is nothing comfortable about a poorly cooled room. Frequently, rooms that aren’t cooled properly are attached to clogged or damaged ducts.
Noise- If the ducts are too small to be used with the system you have, it could cause vibrations that would make a very loud noise. Also, problems with the coils in your system could be the issue.
Age- Even if your cooling system seems to be working properly, if it is over 10 years old, it may be time to get a new one. Air conditioners made today are extremely more efficient than older models, and investing in an Energy Starcertified system may save you money on cooling costs.
Humidity- Your cooling system is intended to remove humidity from the air. If you notice that your home seems to be more humid when your system is on, there may be enough damage to the whole system to warrant a full replacement.
Constant Repair- Air conditioners do not have an inifinite life span. If you are frequently having to get repairs to your system, it is probably time to invest in a new one. Why spend more money on repairs than you would a replacement?
If you experiencing any of these five issues, give MTB Heating and Air a call today. One of our experienced estimators can give you a price on a new, high-efficiency system that will save you money on your power bill every month, while keeping you comfortable all summer long. Visit our energy calculator, link located on our home page, to see the savings you can get with a new system.

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