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Why You Should Consider an Air Filtration System!

Today’s homes are built with energy efficiency in mind; they are heavily insulated and tightly sealed. This means you will stay warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. This translates into lower energy bills which is great, however there is a trade off. Less circulation of fresh air, means a reduction in indoor air quality. Dirty air is unhealthy to live in. It also contributes to the severity ofallergies, asthma, other respiratory issues but, you don’t have to settle for living in dirty air.There are high quality air filtration systems available that work in conjunction with your heating and air system to clean up your inside air. In today’s tightly constructed homes, a good filtration system should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity for your family’s health.
Below are several benefits of installing a quality air filtration system in your home.
* Improve the life of allergy sufferers- For people with allergies, filtration can reduce their symptoms significantly. Contaminants can be filtered out down to 0.3 micron as well as smoke and household chemicals.
* Reduce flu and cold symptoms- Symptoms such as migraines, conjestion, eye irritation, coughing, fatigue and difficulty sleeping all can stem from dirty air. A filtration system will often eliminate these issues.
*Keep your house cleaner- If you are constantly fighting a dust problem, a filtration system can really help you out.
MTB Heating and Air offers several great whole home air filtration options. Give us a call today, to learn more about how we can help you clean up your indoor air and begin to breathe easier.

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