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Three Common A/C Problems That You Can Fix Yourself.

Nothing feels better than entering a cool, air conditioned home in the midst of the scorching Carolina summer. And when untimely glitches in your A/C occur, it becomes your top priority. Immediately your mind goes to the worst, this is going to be an expensive fix, but that may not be the case! Sometimes, the fix is something simple that you can easily do yourself. Here are three common A/C problems that many home owners will encounter, and how you may be able to fix them on your own.Your system is not properly cooling your home. This may be as simple asreplacing the air filter, or cleaning the dust off of the evaporator coil if either are dirty. You could also try lowering your thermostat by five degrees. Maybe your A/C unit is not the right size for your house.
Your A/C is running, but there is no cool air. Make sure the indoor and outdoor coils are not covered in dirt and dust. Try turning your thermostat onto heat. If there is still no temperature change, it probably is a problem with your thermostat and not your A/C unit.
The whole system is not running at all. Make sure the issue is not a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. You can again try lowering the temperature by five degrees to see if that causes the system to start.
If you can not solve you A/C problems on your own, remember to always call MTB Mechanical, serving the great Charlotte area for over thirty years.

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