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Surge Protection is Important for Your HVAC Equipment

Summer is the time we give a lot of thought to surge protection in our homes. As the temperature heats up, strong storms with dangerous lightning can pop up almost daily. We are all aware of the importance of surge protection for our costly electronics like: TV’s, stereos and computers. For these items, you can simply use a point-of-surge protector that you plug into a wall outlet. This is basically a no-brainer and a lot of people wouldn’t even plug these electronics in without a surge protector.What isn’t as obvious, is the need for surge protection for your HVAC system. Heating and cooling equipment is expensive and has many electrical components that are highly sensitive to power surges. Repeated surges can wear your equipment and the electronics down causing early replacement to be neccessary.
While lightning is the best know cause of electrical surges, there are many more common causes you may not have thought of such as: the electric company and power lines, household vacuums, refrigerators and even hair dryers. When you install a surge protector for your HVAC system, it monitors the incoming electricity and will shut down your heating and air equipment if there is a spike. Cutting the system back on is a very simple procedure that you can handle.
Call MTB Heating and Air today to have a surge protector installed on your HVAC equipment. The technician who installs it will also walk you through learning how to turn your sytem back on after a spike has occured and the system has been shut down. Don’t leave one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home unprotected. A surge protector is a very inexpensive investment and will keep your system safe.

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