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Spring Maintenance Check List

With the changing of seasons, comes inspections and tasks that should be done to ensure your home’s in good condition and protect the safety and comfort of your family. As the thermometer begins to rise, take the time to run through this simple to-do list.Check your doors and windows- As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be opening and closing your windows more often. This is the time to make sure they work properly and are adequately sealed. Opening your windows in warm weather is a great way to improve indoor air quality by allowing fresh air in to replace stale inside air.
Clean that garage- Spring is a great time for garage cleaning. Take the time to lubricate garage door wheels, rails and openers. Also make sure that all fuels, paints and hazardous materials are stored safely.
Look for Leaks- Cold weather can be tough on pipes, water lines, and water heaters. Check them out for rust or leaks.
Prepare for cooling- This is the time to inspect your air conditioning system and ceiling fans to make sure they are operating correctly. Also remember bathroom and kitchen fans.
Watch out for water- Spring rains can can seep through cracks in basements and foundations. Check to make sure you don’t have any wet spots that can lead to structural damage, mold and mildew.
Give the outside a clean sweep- Spring is a great time to clean out gutters, chimneys, attic vents, dryer vents, roof valleys and lots more. You’ll feel better and your house will look and function better.
Remember to give MTB Heating and Air a call to tune up your air conditioner before Summer’s heat arrives. We’ll make sure you are ready to face the cooling cycle with a system that is ready to perform efficiently.

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