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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner or Repair It?

Air conditioning systems are expensive, so purchasing one is always an important financial decision. If your current air conditioner is old or experiencing mechanical problems, you may find yourself considering whether repairing your old system or replacing it with a new air conditioner makes more sense. You certainly don’t want to get rid of a system that has a lot of life left in it, however, you also don’t want to hold on to a system that is going to saddle you with constant repairs. Below are some guidelines that may help you make the decision about whether to replace or repair. REPAIR
Electrical Problem: If your air conditioner is not responding to the thermostat or if you are hearing a buzzing sound coming from around your air conditioner, there may be an electrical problem to blame. Lots of electrical issues are easy, inexpensive fixes.
Frozen Coil: A dirty air filter can cause an airflow problem. If the cool air that is supposed to circulate through your duct work builds up inside your air handler, the result can be a frozen coil. Installing a clean air filter is a quick easy fix. Remembering to change your air filters on a regular basis will help you avoid this problem in the future.
Low Refrigerant: If your house is not getting cool enough, you may need more refrigerant. If your refrigerant is leaking, this can be easily repaired.
Age- If your air conditioner has some age on it, consider replacement. New High Efficiency systems are less expensive to operate and require fewer repairs. All air conditioners have a lifespan.
Frequent Repairs- Does it seem like your air conditioner is needing a lot of repairs? If so, this is a good time to replace. Large repairs can be very costly and hard to fix. When this happens it is cheaper in the long run to replace an older system.
High Power Bills: If your power bills are higher than you think they should be, it could be due to the age or inefficiency of your system.
MTB Heating and Air has an “Energy Calculator” on our website. If you are curious about how much a new system can save you on your power bills, visit our website and download our calculator. Just plug in your information and see what your savings could be with a High Efficiency system replacement. MTB Heating and Air can send a qualified technician out to inspect your system to help you make the decision of whether to replace or repair.

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