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Fix Your Air Conditioner’s Problems Before They Get Worse and More Costly

As hot weather approaches we’re going to need our air conditioners ready to go. If you’ve’ve turned on your system, you may have noticed some warning signs of problems ahead such as: strange noises, unusual odors, or unsatisfactory cooling. If you’ve experienced any of these, now’s the time to get a trained technician out to check your system. We’re all guilty of putting a repair call off and hoping the issue will go away. The problem is that most often that’s not the outcome. In fact, typically the problem gets worse an more expensive to repair. This is definately the case where heating and cooling equipment is concerned.When you respond to air conditioning problems quick, you avoid putting additional stress on the system and prevent a total breakdown. Some of the common warning signs that need immediate attention are listed below.
Clanging sounds from a broken fan- The fans that move air into your home and into the outside cabinet have to be balanced and damage free. If not, the blades can begin to strike the outside housing. The longer this goes on the more damage will occur to the fan. A professional can straighten your blade and repair any issue the bent blades have caused.
Motors wearing down- When motors become dusty or don’t get regular lubrication, they will begin to wear down and create friction in the moving parts. Left alone, this will cause your motor to burn up. If you hear a schreeching noise inside your air conditioning cabinet, this needs to be addressed immediately.
Leaking refrigerant- Have you seen icing occur along the indoor coils or a drop in cooling power? If so, you may have a refrigerant leak. Allowed to continue, this will damage your compressor and more ice will accumulate on the coils. Eventually, your cooling power will fail. A technician will locate and seal the leak. Then they will replace the lost refrigerant.
If you have noticed any of these problems, don’t wait. Give MTB Heating and Air a call today. We will fix the issue before it becomes more costly or your system fails all together.

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