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Finding and Conquering Major Energy Drainers

Did you know that many devices still use energy even when turned off? All of these sneaky devices can account up to 20 percent of your energy uses when they aren’t even on. By simply identifying and then unplugging these energy drainers, you can greatly increase your home’s energy savings. Devices, such as cell phones, that use AC adapters (the large plugs) consume energy even when the charging device is not plugged in. Also, black boxes, or power bricks, that are frequently found attached to the cords used for many laptops, televisions, and even some cable TV’s are constantly using energy when they are plugged in.Some examples of what may be draining your energy are:
Coffee makers
Digital TV converters
Cell phones, and other mobile devices
MP3 players
Video game consoles
Satellite/cable boxes
VCR, DVR, and DVD players
Devices with a standby clock or light
Devices that turn on with remotes
To save energy, simply identify what is draining your energy and unplug it, or get a “smart” power strip and turn it off when your devices are not in use. Remember, your heating and air system is the largest user of energy in your home. Make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible with an annual air conditioning tune-up from MTB Heating and Air.

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