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Which Air Filter is Best for Your Heating and Air System?

Air filters are an important part of your heating and air system. Unfortunately, they are a part that is often forgotten or over-looked. To be effective, air filters need to be changed on a regular basis. MTB’s Free Filter Reminder program is set up to help you remember to change your filter when it is needed. You simply go to our website and sign up for the reminder and we will do the remembering for you.Below, I have described the different types of air filters available to help you make a decision about which type to buy for your system.
Cardboard Filters- Low MERV rating/ 1″ thick – This type of filter is largely used because they are inexpensive. Where they do filter the air, they only catch large particulants. If anyone in your home has allergies this is not the best choice.
Pleated Filters- Low MERV rating/ 1″ thick – These filters are better than the cardboard. These filters use heavier stitched material rather that the hairy looking material that is used in the cardboard type. These filters cost more than the cardboard but are certainly worth the extra money as they are able to catch more and smaller particulant matter.
Cardboard and Pleated Filters- Medium MERV rating/ 2″-4″ thick- These filters can hold more contaminants than the thinner filters and therfore are more effective and don’t need to be changed quite as often. These filters are more expensive but well worth the money. Make sure your HVAC system can accomadate a filter this thick before purchasing.
Pleated Filters- High MERV rating(require special cabinet)- These high grade filters are like those used in hospitals. They catch virtually everything in the air. These cabinets must be installed by a HVAC professional. Obviously, this is the most expensive option but these filters produce a clean fresh odor free and allergen free home. They are well worth the investment.
If you have questions on air filters, please give MTB Heating and Air a call; and don’t forget to sign up for our free Filter Reminder program today.

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