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Spring Energy Saving Tips

Hallelujah!! Spring is almost here…and not a minute too soon. As the cold of Winter melts away and is replaced by warmer days, there are some things you can do to save money on your monthly utility bill.Cold Water is Your Friend- Wash your laundry in cold water and save money. Using cold water to wash your clothes throughout the year can save you as much as $60 on an annual basis.
Don’t Waste Water- Excess water usage will cost you money. Think about replacing your faucets and shower heads with a low flow option and you’ll use a lot less water. Also make sure you take care of any dripping faucets…this adds up and costs you money.
Let in the Air- Springtime is a great time to open up your windows and let the fresh air in. Before Summer’s heat arrives, take advantage of giving your air conditioner a break. You’ll save money and it will make your home smell fresh too.
Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned-Up- Before hot weather gets here, make sure you getMTB Heating and Airto tune-up your A/C. A tune-up will have your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. This will save you money on cooling, ensure your comfort and extend the life of your equipment.

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