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Save Money with a Smart Programmable Thermostat

Wireless Programmable Thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in your home and save energy from any location with just the touch of a button. MTB Heating and Air offers three great options in WiFi programmable thermostats. Below is more information on these three great products. Decide which one is best for you.Lennox icomfort wifi thermostat – You can adjust this thermostat from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Remote access allows you to override your regular programming schedule , so there’s never any need to heat or cool an empty house or return home to a house that is too hot or too cold. This thermostat gives you a five day weather forecast on demand so you can always dress your family for the day ahead.
Customized skin options let you turn your thermostat screen into a custom piece of art… you can even use a family photo. This smart thermost will send you weather updates and alerts. In addition, it monitors your HVAC system and emails when service or maintenance are needed. An away mode provides even more savings.
Nest Thermostat- With the Nest thermostat, you don’t have to worry about complicated programming. Simply adjust the thermostat to your liking over several days and the Nest learns your routine and schedule and then programs itself. A smartphone app will allow you to make remote adjustments. An away mode will turn the system down to a lower temperature, pre- determined by you, to save even more energy while you’re gone. When the Nest is lowered to a temperature that is saving energy a leaf will appear on the thermostat so you’ll know you’re saving money too. The Nest allows you to track your energy saving overtime so you can see what your savings actually are.
Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat- With Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart thermostat, you can easily program your thermostat so it mainatains the perfect comfort level for your family. Flexible scheduling allows you to program for each day or a week at a time. Remote access allows you to connect to your thermostat whether you are in the room or around the world with a smartphone, tablet or computer. The bright easy to read screen can be color customized to match your paint or mood. In addition, the Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat displays the indoor humidity level on its screen and sends you extreme weather alerts and filter change reminders.
Don’t waste money on costly utility bills. Call MTB Heating and Air today to install one of these three smart options in programmable thermostats and start saving money today.

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