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MTB has the answer for allergy sufferers!

Allergy Season is here! For many, that means weeks or even months of suffering. The best way to avoid allergy symptoms is to avoid allergens. Of course, this is easier said than done. Since so much of our time is spent inside our homes, clean indoor air is extremely important in combating allergy symptoms. For an allergy sufferer, this can make all the differecnce.MTB Heating and Air offers some high quality, effective products to clean up the air inside your home. Our Air Knight Air Purifier works inside your heating and air system to produce vaporized oxidizers. These sterilizing molecules actively seek out pollutants in the air and destroy them. In addition, the Air Knight delivers these oxidizers to every square inch of air and on all of the indoor surfaces in your home. The Air Knight is so effective, that research shows it can destroy 98% of the particles of a sneeze before they can travel 3 feet.
Another great product for removing allergens from inside your home is our MERV 16 and MERV 10 Media Cabinet air cleaners. These Air filters provide hospital level filtration capturing particulant matter down to 0.3 micron. The result is clean, fresh, odor free air.
Besides cleaning up your inside air, there are some practical measures you can take to lessen your exposure to allergens and ease your symptoms. These are listed below.
Stay one step ahead- There are sites and apps to keep you posted on the day to day threat in your specific area. This can help you plan your outside activities.
Know your enemy- Pollen counts are highest between 5am-10am. Pollen loves warm, dry mornings.
Beware of nice days after cloudy ones- Cloudy days encourage a buildup of pollen in flowers, which can lead to a huge release of pollen as soon as the sun returns.
Go to the beach or the mountains- Typically the beach and the mountains are generally low in pollen.
Wear Sunglasses- Sunglasses will protect your eyes from pollen.
Cover your mouth and nose- Face masks keep pollen from entering your mouth and nose and this makes a big difference.
Grease your nostrils- Put a smudge of vaseline just inside your nostrils to trap as much pollen as possible.

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