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Life is Easy with the Nest

There are a number of wireless programable thermostats on the market today. One of those is the Nest. Today, I would like to focus on some of the features that make the Nest a great option for homeowners. The best feature, in my opinion, is there is no need for any complicated programming with this wireless programmable thermostat. You simply install the Nest and adjust the thermostat to suit your comfort for several days. Over that time, the Nest will learn your schedule and program itself.For some, the programming process can be a bit difficult. The fact that the Nest will do this for you is so convenient. Remote access with the Nest allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world. An AWAY mode on the Nest will keep the temperature at an energy saving level while you are away. There is never a need to heat or cool an empty home. Know the misery of coming home from a tropical vacation to cold weather and a freezing cold home. Guess what…those days are over. Simply adjust the thermostat from your iphone on the way home from the airport. When you arrive your home will feel as warm as toast. While you are away on vacation, the Nest will send you severe weather updates so you can adjust the temperature in your home to deal with temperature changes.
Another great feature of the Nest is its look… modern and simple. When your thermostat is at a energy saving temperature a small green leaf will appear on the dial of the Nest to alert you that you are saving energy. The Nest will also supply you with a monthly energy report so you can track your savings.
You will save energy and money with any programmable thermostat but wireless programmable thermostats afford you with more convenience and flexibility. The Nest is simply one option. MTB Heating and Air offers several high quality wifi programmable thermostats. Give us a call to today, to learn more about the Nest and our other great options and start saving money on you monthly utility bill today.

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