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Is There a Musty Smell Coming Out of Your Air Vents?

Have you ever noticed smell a musty odor coming out of your heating and air vents? If so, you probably have mold growing in your duct work. As gross as this may sound, it is a very common issue. In climates like ours, heat and high humidity provide the perfect combination for mold. But what is mold really and is it dangerous to our heath?Mold is a fungus that survives by digesting plant material and for this reason, it serves a valuable pupose. That said, it is not something that you want growing in your home. Mold can grow anywhere moisture and oxygen are present and typically develops where there is excess moisture that remains stagnet like: bathroom shoers, tubs etc. Your duct work is a perfect incubator for mold, as warm moist air travels through this closed dark environment.
Within the last decade, we have become aware that mold is a major threat to indoor air quality and poses health risks. Some of the issues associated with mold exposure include: sneezing and runny nose, asthma, irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs and even infections in people with weakened immune systems. Headache and fatigue are also associated with mold exposure.
MTB Heating and Air offers two products that will destroy mold inside your ductwork and clean up your indoor air. The first is a UV Germicidal Light. Mounted inside your ductwork, the UV light uses high frequency wavelengths to destroy the cellular structure of mold. This is the same technology used in hospitals to sterilize surfaces and air to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
The second product is the Air Knight Purification System. This products uses UV light technology paired with a quad metallic catalyst. This pairing creates a chemical reaction that produces vaporized hydro-peroxides. Similar to hydrogen peroxide, these molecules actively seek out pollutants and destroy them When your heating and air system is on, these molecules are conituously distributed through your home sterilizing the air and all of your indoor surface.
Both products will produce a fresh smeeling and healthier home. Call MTB Heating and Air today to learn more about thses innovative products and which one is right for you.

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