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Can I Clean My Own Air Conditioner

It may not feel like it today, but Spring is almost upon us. As temperatures warm, we’ll begin to crank up our air conditioners. Starting off the cooling season with a clean and tuned up air conditioner, is the best way to ensure that you will stay cool and that your air conditioning system will function at peak efficiency…saving you money on your utilities and extending the life of your air conditioning equipment.In an effort to save money, some folks may opt to clean their own unit. There are some maintenance tasks that a homeowner can accomplish on their own to aid in their air conditioners performance. Other’s however are best left to the professionals. Below I’ve listed simple tasks that home owners can and should take care of to keep their system in good shape. Ther is also a list of tasks that are best left to a professional HVAC technician.
A/C Maintnenace for the Homeowner
* Monitor your air conditioner’s filter and change it on a regular basis. Over time, a dirty air filter can cost you a lot of money. Dirt can restrict the airflow which will stress your compressor. A dirty filter can also lead to poor climate control, which can result in frequent and uneccessary thermostat adjustments.
* Start the cooling season off with a clean filter. Vacuum the area that holds the filter to remove additional dust. Wipe down the grate that covers the filter to keep accumulated dust from being drawn into the system.
* Clean the exterior of your outdoor unit by removing debris that has settled on or around your equipment. Brush away dust that has settled on the unit, but leave work on the interior of the unit to a qualified professional.
A/C Maintenance for the Professional
* The inside of your A/C unit can get very dirty. Dirt can make it past the filter and reach the coil and components that become moist with use. This can develop into a very grimy layer that needs special cleaning solutions and tools to remove. Attempting to scrub this on your own can damage the fins of the coil which will affect the performance of the unit.
* Drain pans and condensate lines need to be professionally cleaned to ensure that condensate liquids can be moved out of the house properly. The outside equipment should be inspected and cleaned by a certified tech who can evaluate the condition of the electronic parts.
* An annual tune up on your air conditioner is the best way to ensure optimum comfort and performance. Call MTB Heating and Air today to schedule your cleaning and tune up and get a jump on things before they start to really heat up.

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