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You’re Losing Money If You Don’t Get A Tune Up!

Having your gas furnace tuned up each fall is important for a number of reasons. First, a furnace that is serviced will keep you warm all winter and you will not run the risk of an inconvenient breakdown. Secondly regular maintenance will allow you to get a longer life out of your furnace. Finally, a tune up will save you money on your utility bill because a serviced furnace runs more efficiently and costs less money to operate.A tune up from MTB Heating and Air is only $89 and will ensure you stay warm this winter and save money all winter long. Below is a list of the services that are performed during a tune up.
Gas Furnace Tune Up Includes:
1) Inspection of Heat Exchanger
2) Check for Carbon Monoxide Leaks
3) Clean Burners
4) Test Safeties
5) Check Air Filters
6) Check Gas Pressure
7) Lubricate Motors
8) Check Thermostat
9) Check Component’s Volts and Amps
10) Check Overall System Operation

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