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Remember This When It Comes To Your Thermostat

You may be unaware of just how important your thermostat is in the proper functioning of your heating and air system. The thermostat is basically the brain of the heating and air system. Depending on how the thermostat is set, it tells the HVAC system to turn on and off and how warm or cool the temperature inside your home should be. Below are five common problems that can occur with thermostats that will result a reduction in the comfort level within your home.1) Thermostat is placed in direct sunlight. This issue can cause your home to be very cold in the winter and too cold in the summer.
2) Thermostat is placed too close to the heating or cooling vents. This placement will cause the thermostat to be satisfied very early in the heating cycle and will prohibit the furnace from going through full cycle to heat your home. The same is true for the cooling cycle.
3) Thermostat is not in a central location. For the best results, your thermostat should beplace in a central location such as a hallway. This allows for the most even distribution of temperature.
4) Thermostat is dirty. Dust and dirt can accumulate inside your thermostat and cause the thermostat to give inaccurate temperature readings. When this happens, you can remove the cover and brush away the dirt and debris.
5) Thermostat is old or broken. Some thermostats can last a long time. Not only will old thermostats look ancient, they can be very inaccurate. New thermostats are much more accurate. In addition, affordable programmable thermostats are available today and they will save you money on your utiility bills.

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