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How do I Know if the Problem is my Furnace Fan?

Both gas and electric furnaces use a blower to send the heated air out through your ducts. Your furnace’s fan is a crucial mechanical component in making sure you stay warm. If your fan develops problems or stops working all together, your furnace is basically useless. There are a number of conditions that can effect the functioning of your fan. These include but are not limited to: a cracked fan belt, a burnt-out blower motor or the fan becoming damaged in some way. A problematic fan needs to be fixed in order for the furnace to function and serve its purpose. So, how do you know if you have a problem with your fan?Below are 3 signs that signal a fan problem.
1. A loud clanging noise – This sound indicates that your fan has been damaged. This can be caused by debris getting into the cabinet and bending the blades. Bent blades can strike the casing and cause a clanging noise. If you hear this noise, turn off the furnace before more damage is caused. This will require a professional to either repair the blades or to replace the fan.
2. No airflow from the vents – If your furnace turns on and is making it’s typical humming sound but your don’t feel any air coming from the vents, then your fan has most likely stopped working.
3. Your power bills have gone up – An increase in your power bill can be caused by a number of things related to your furnace, one of which is your fan. If your furnace’s fan and the motor get dirty, they have to work a lot harder to reach the targeted temperature.
Fan issues need to be repaired by a professional. If yourthink that your furnace’s fan is not working properly or if you have noticed any of the iabove issues, call MTB Heating and Air. We will send an experienced technician out to fix your problem right away.

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