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Fix It And Save Money

Furnace repairs and be very expensive and inconvenient. But you can easily identify or even fix a number of problems by running a few troubleshooting procedures. Below are some tips to help you fix the problem and save money.The first step should always start with studying your owner’s manual. This will help you learn what components make up your furnace and how they function.
If your furnace isn’t running period, check to make sure it is on. Check both your fan switch and the socket switch. The socket switch is located on a gray box near the furnace’s side. You should also check your circuit breaker to make sure that a switch has not been flipped or a fuse has been blown. If the furnace still won’t power on, check the pilot light if you have an older system; if you have a new system, you won’t have a plot light.
Next, check to see if the temperature is cold enough to trigger the furnace to run. Turn your thermostat up to a higher temperature than the outside and see if that triggers your furnace to kick on.
Finally, many furnaces don’t work because of blocked filters or air vents. Remember to replace your air filters. Also make sure that furniture and other items are not blocking your air vents.
If you have tried the tips above and still can’t get your furnace to come on, call MTB Heating and Air. One of our techs will find your problem and have you warm and cozy in no time.

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