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Avoid a Service Call by Answering These Easy Questions

No one likes having to call a repairman. Even if the repair is small and inexpensive, it still costs you both time and money. The worst is having a technician come out only to realize the service call was avoidable. Below are 5 questions you should answer before you call for service. Answer these easy questions and you may find you don’t need a repair at all.Is my air filter clogged? A dirty air filter is probably the biggest reason for unnecessary calls. A dirty filter can cause air within your furnace and /or air conditioner to reach unsafe extremes in temperture as well as greatly reducing the airflow to where you need it. If you are not experiencing enough cooling or heating, check to see if your air filter is dirty.
Is my furnace turned on? Make sure you check the wall plug or switch to your furnace.
Have I shut off too many registers in unused rooms? Units are not designed to accomodate major air flow restrictions. Be careful that you don’t close down too many of your registers.
Are the batteries in my thermostat working? Most digital thermostats are battery operated and require a battery change once a year. Also, be sure that your thermostat is set properly: “heat” or “cool” and not “off”. Make sure you have the proper setpoint if the fan switch is on “auto”.
Is something blocking my condenser outside? Things can accumulate around and even on top of your condenser, particularly in the winter. Make sure nothing is blocking the airflow. Double check that no weeds are growing up around the coil of the unit.
Always remember MTB is only a phone call way to help you with any repair you may need.

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