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A Breath of Fresh Air can be Yours

The Air Knight Purifier is an exciting new product for your HVAC system that allows you to sterilize every inch of the air in your home as well as all of the indoor surfaces. What makes this technology revolutionary is its ability to eliminate all contaminants; not just those that are pulled into the ductwork of your heating and air system.Designed to eliminate sick building syndrome, the Air Knight Purifier uses a UV light and a quad metallic catalyst to create a chemical reaction that in turn creates vaporized hydro-peroxides. (Hydro peroxides naturally occur in abundance in outside air and are responsible for making it fresh.) Once the fan of your HVAC system is turned on, these hydro-peroxide molecules are contimuously distrubuted in the air throuhgout your home.
Similar to hydrogen peroxide, these molecules sterilize the air. They destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, odors, VOC’s and smoke. In addition, the hydro peroxide molecules sterilize all of the surfaces within your home. This technology is so effective that lab results indicate it destroys 98% of the particles from a sneeze before they can travel 3 feet.
Finally, the Air Knight Purifier enhances your home’s filtration by providing your air with both positive and negative ions. These ions encourage minute particles in the air to gather together so they can be captured more easily in your existing air filter.
The Air Knight Purifier is an easy installation. Once installed in your ductwork, it immediately begins sterilizing the air and surface for a healthy and fresh smelling home. Call MTB Heating and Air today to learn more about this exciting and affordable technology.

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