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5 Fall Projects That Pay Off

Get your home ready for cold weather now. Preventative maintenance is easier and cheaper than repairs or replacements. Below are simple fall home maintenance tasks that make a huge difference.1) Clean out gutters- Water can’t pass through if gutters are clogged with leaves. In the winter, water can freeze worsening the problem.
2) Replace or repair leaking pipes- During winter, leaked water can freeze which makes repairs more difficult. Get a plumber to fix leaks when problems are more manageable and less likely to cause more damage.
3) Seal leaks in windows and doors- Leaks allow cold air in and hot air to seep out. This will cause your heating system to not work as effectively as it should. Use weather strippng and caulk to seal leaks.
4) Paint over wooden surfaces- Moisture can damage wooden surfaces and facilitate the growth of mold. Water runs off of painted wood but not off of peeling paint.
5) Schedule a heat pump or furnace check up- Your heating system needs to be checked each fall to ensure that it is operating safely and running at peak efficiency. This will prevent a breakdown in the midst of use during cold weather. Call MTB Heating and Airtoday to schedule a tune up on your system.

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